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What are the characteristics of the circuit breaker motor?

Oct 27, 2018

The circuit breaker motor is a kind of electric motor. It is designed and used for specific industry characteristics. It is an important component of the circuit breaker. Its main function is to realize the precise control and fault protection of the terminal position of the circuit breaker and realize the current position of the circuit breaker. Signal feedback with load status and complete program control with associated equipment.


The working characteristics of the electric device determine the basic performance of the circuit breaker motor. Unlike the ordinary three-phase asynchronous motor, the starting torque of the circuit breaker motor is large to ensure that the circuit breaker remains normal when it is opened and closed under static pressure. Due to the large starting torque, the corresponding starting current of the circuit breaker motor is large.


In the design, the diameter of the rotor of the circuit breaker motor should be as small as possible to reduce the moment of inertia, thereby reducing the impact of the circuit breaker on the equipment. The structural design of the circuit breaker motor should consider the explosion-proof function or facilitate the derivation of the explosion-proof function to meet the needs of the explosion-proof circuit breaker device, because some circuit breakers are required to work in an explosive gas environment.


In order to adapt to the explosion-proof structure of the electric device, the circuit breaker motor used does not have a separate external wiring device, so it cannot be used alone in an explosion-proof place. The circuit breaker motor has an explosion-proof function only when combined with an explosion-proof electric device.