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What are the technical requirements for planetary gear reduction motor?

Apr 12, 2018

In order to be able to match up with a suitable planetary gear reduction motor, it is necessary to meet the technical requirements of various aspects, first of all cost considerations. If the 0.2KW servo motor supporting driver requires 1 unit of equipment cost, the 3KW servo motor supporting driver must consume 15 units of cost.


In terms of performance, for a large load inertia, the equivalent load inertia can be adjusted by using the inverse square of the reduction ratio to obtain the control response. From this point of view, the planetary gear reduction motor matches the control response of the servo application.


In the actual application process, the planetary gear deceleration motor can effectively solve the low-speed control characteristics of the servo motor attenuation, so that the motor has a higher speed. At the same time, it can increase its output torque to meet the needs of low speed, high torque and high power during the operation of the equipment.


In theory, increasing the power of the servo motor is also a way to increase the output torque. This can increase the speed of the servo motor by two times to double the power density of the servo motor system without increasing the specifications of the control system components such as the driver. However, to achieve this, a planetary gear motor must be required

Serve with servo motor.


In addition, general medical equipment, satellites, aerospace, military equipment, wafer equipment, robotic arms, and other automation equipment have common features. Since the torque required to move the load often exceeds the torque capacity of the servo motor itself, a planetary gear motor is used. To improve the output torque of the servo motor, this type of problem is effectively solved.