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What is wrong with the motor high voltage switch?

Jan 05, 2019

The motor high voltage switch belongs to both electrical products and mechanical products, and has many manufacturing processes, among which many key technical processes are involved. As the voltage level rises, the requirements for the manufacturing process are getting higher and higher, especially the key components and key technologies of high pressure, ultra high pressure and extra high pressure, which are related to the stability of product quality.


In the course of use, you may encounter a situation where the motor high voltage switch cannot be closed. After analysis, one of the reasons is the electrical circuit failure, the main factors are: 1 closing fuse or poor contact. 2 DC voltage is too low. 3 Operate the handle, the switch assists in poor contact or disconnection. 4 Contactor closing coil is short-circuited. 5 When the motor is closed, the closing circuit resistance is not returned after the wire breakage or trip.


Another important reason is that the mechanical part is faulty, which causes the motor high voltage switch to fail to meet. The problems involved are: 1 The switch body and the contactor are stuck. 2 large shafts move or the pins fall off. 3 Closing the bracket is stuck due to excessive sludge. 4 brackets are steep, not correct or small. 5 3 o'clock is too high, the opening and closing pin hooks are not strong. 6 The mechanism is stuck and has not been returned to the preparatory closing position. 7The closing buffer gap is small, and the closing coil core has a small overrunning stroke.