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What kind of fire prevention measures and application fields should be done for miniature DC deceleration motor?

Nov 24, 2018

The miniature DC geared motor can also be used as a miniature reducer and a small reducer during the operation. The miniature DC geared motor developed and manufactured by Zhaowei Electromechanical has an outer diameter of 38mm or less and a voltage of 24V or less. It is mainly used in automotive transmission. The module of the field. Such as car window, car sunroof, wiper, headlight regulator, tailgate motor, electric push rod, EPB electronic parking system, mirror adjuster, automatic steering wheel motor, seat belt motor, stepper motor, safety Protect the headrest motor, the gearbox of the car antenna motor, and so on. Small geared motors in the field of automotive transmissions are usually customized to meet the needs of customers and are more widely used.


What kind of fire prevention measures should be taken for miniature DC deceleration motor?

1. Do not stack debris around the micro DC gear motor. Keep a proper distance between the motor and its starting device and combustible materials to avoid fire.

2. The motor start should follow the specified number of starts and interval time, and start as little as possible to avoid fire due to overheating of the stator winding.

3. During operation, the current and voltage of the motor must not exceed the allowable range, and the motor cooling system should be normal.