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What should I pay attention to when installing the circuit breaker buffer?

Nov 10, 2018

Nowadays, the economy is constantly developing. There are more and more manufacturers of circuit breaker buffers on the market. The types of products are diversified. What should be paid attention to when installing the circuit breaker buffer correctly?

1. The staff must ask people to read the instructions for use. Because different circuit breaker buffer manufacturers have different production technologies and production equipment, the staff must not operate according to the past installation experience, and it is easy to cause installation errors. To a certain extent, it is not only unable to ensure its normal operation. Moreover, the quality of the products is greatly reduced, causing significant economic losses to the enterprise.

2. Appropriate amount of lubricating oil for each lubricating component of the circuit breaker buffer can ensure smoother operation, help the maintenance of the product, avoid problems during use, and prolong its service life.

3. The breaker buffer is installed and enters the debugging stage. Once it is abnormal during the debugging process, the best way to stop it is to stop the operation immediately. Ask the professional to perform the inspection and maintenance.

In short, in the process of installing the breaker buffer, each work link needs to be treated with care to minimize the problem.