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Where Can The Energy Storage Type Motor Be Stored?

Sep 07, 2017

For the energy storage type motor in the circuit breaker which application, then its energy storage is actually divided into two cases, first of all, in fact, we will actually note that it is actually with the energy storage button, At this time, we actually should pay attention to first press the energy storage button, until the end of energy storage (energy storage light) can be closed, which is called "pre-storage energy."

Energy storage type motor

Energy storage type motor energy storage, in fact, there will be a direct start of the phenomenon, in simple terms, we actually have to pay attention to it itself is in the closing button after the button can automatically complete the energy storage and Closing.

Moreover, since our energy storage type motor is used in the circuit breaker, we actually have to pay attention to the circuit breaker itself will be able to carry out, carrying or breaking the normal circuit conditions under the current and, on the other In one respect, it is, to a certain extent, a switching device that can carry the current under or off the abnormal circuit condition at or near the specified time.

Here, we actually have to say about the latest vacuum circuit breaker with the meaning of energy storage type motor. First of all, in terms of vacuum circuit breakers, it is also because of its arc dielectric and the contact after the gap between the insulating media are high vacuum name; Moreover, we actually pay attention to its own volume comparison Small, and, on its weight is also very light, especially for frequent operation or arc is not the advantages of maintenance, in the distribution network which is more popular.

In other words, the practical application of the vacuum circuit breaker to a large extent is to protect the safety of the circuit, so that it and the energy storage type motor need to cooperate with each other. In other words, for the vacuum circuit breaker, it can in a certain extent, control and control of energy storage motor can be the state, in fact, between them is a work with each other a relationship.

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