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Where is the permanent magnet DC gear motor used?

Aug 07, 2018

Permanent magnet DC geared motor is one of the widely used geared motors. Before we understand the application scenarios of permanent magnet DC geared motors, let us first understand the main features:


First of all, the permanent magnet DC gear motor is the technical crystallization of the transmission industry and has a high technological content;


Secondly, the permanent magnet DC gear motor saves space, is durable and durable, can withstand a certain overload capacity, and can meet the needs of customers.


Third, the permanent magnet DC geared motor has low energy consumption and superior performance;


Fourth, in operation, the permanent magnet DC gear motor has small oscillation, low noise, high energy saving and high transmission efficiency.


For the time being, permanent magnet DC motor is often used in the fields of machinery manufacturing, electronics, smart home, automobile manufacturing, household appliances, toys, unmanned aerial vehicles, optical equipment and instrumentation. In order to better meet the market demand, the custom permanent magnet DC gear motor power mode is generally adopted, so that the speed, torque, voltage and environmental factors can be simultaneously satisfied.