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Why does the vacuum circuit breaker use the energy storage motor?

Oct 31, 2017

The vacuum circuit breaker is named because its insulation medium of the contact gap between the arc-extinguishing medium and arc extinction is high vacuum. On the other hand, the energy storage motor of the vacuum circuit breaker is small in volume and light in weight.


This type of energy storage motor is suitable for frequent operation or arc extinguishing without overhaul, and is widely used in distribution network. The vacuum circuit breaker mainly includes vacuum interrupter, electromagnetic, spring operating mechanism, support and other components.


The grounding fault of the armature winding of the energy storage motor is the notch breakdown or the breakdown inside the commutator, and the end of the winding is broken down on the bracket.


The the common inspection method for the grounding fault of armature winding in the energy storage motor includes measuring the depressurization of the commutator bar. The low voltage DC power supply will be connected to the commutator bar and the shaft, measuring the voltage drop between commutator bars, the voltage drop between commutator bars close to the ground point will revolt the direction.

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