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Why the energy storage motor generally choose more DC, less communication

Mar 15, 2018

The time of the energy storage motor in the circuit breaker can be divided into two cases to a certain extent. They are respectively a kind of button with energy storage. Press the energy storage button first, after the energy storage is completed (the energy storage lamp is on), the energy storage button can be pressed. The gate, called "pre-storage", is also a direct start, which means that energy storage and closing are done automatically after the closing button is pressed.

The operating time of the energy storage motor can be divided into two types. One is that with a circuit breaker is able to close, load and break the current under normal circuit conditions and can close, load and break within the specified time. Switching device for current under abnormal circuit conditions.

The circuit breaker can distribute the electric energy according to the requirement, start the asynchronous motor infrequently during the operation, protect the power line and the electric motor, etc., and when they have serious overload or short circuit and undervoltage, they can automatically cut off the circuit. The function is equivalent to a combination of a fuse switch and an over-temperature relay.

Why the energy storage motor generally choose more DC, less communication

Because the DC system has a battery, the AC power disappears in the event of an accident. The DC operation switch can restore the power transmission or disconnection switch through the battery operation. The AC operation switch needs to obtain the operation power through the incoming PT conversion to achieve the closing, and cannot be divided after the loss of power. Gates, safety, and economy are all inferior to DC operation. However, motors are generally AC and DC.

How to replace the ABB circuit breaker 1250a energy storage motor?

Break the circuit breaker to isolation and release capacity. Remove the four screws on the panel, remove the panel, install the motor in the lower left corner, unplug the motor secondary plug, remove the screws (1 screw) that fix the motor with the hexagon socket, and gently move the motor to the left Then, take out and observe the position indicated by the grooved arrow in the connecting part of the motor and the mechanism.

The position of the new motor is the same as this, and then the new motor screw hole and the circuit breaker crossbar are tightly pressed. If there is a push, then the card will go in if it is smooth. Please pay attention to the installation, do not touch the gear, or the position is not accurate. To ensure that the circuit breaker does not have energy, and the handle does not move, moving the position becomes difficult to find.