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Working principle and key technology of DC motor for vehicle chassis

Oct 23, 2018

The car chassis is an important component of the car. It mainly consists of four major components: the drive train, the driving system, the steering system and the brake system. The function of the chassis is to support and install the automobile engine and its various components and assemblies, to form the overall shape of the automobile, and to receive the power of the DC motor of the automobile chassis, so that the automobile generates motion and ensures normal driving.


During the driving process of the car, through the action of the DC motor for vehicle chassis of the car, the chassis part of the car can cooperate with the steering system to realize the steering of the vehicle. The assist torque generated by the motor is amplified by the speed reduction mechanism on the mechanical steering system, and overcomes the steering resistance torque together with the steering torque of the driver.


In this system, the DC motor for vehicle chassis is the actuator of the whole system, so the performance of the motor directly affects the performance of the system. Software technology mainly includes two parts: control strategy and fault diagnosis and protection program. The control strategy is used to determine the target current of the motor and to track the current so that the motor outputs the corresponding assist torque.