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AC/DC Motor For Circuit Breaker Is Abnormal How Is The Matter

Jul 03, 2017

AC/DC Motor for Circuit Breaker failure can be described as the emergence of a wide variety, what kind of have, here, Xiaobian to tell you that it is abnormal when the problem of abnormal sound, which is one of the common problems in the end, why it will appear Abnormal sound it, when we how to repair it?

If the armature does not cause axial collision caused by the collision, it should be a loose structure of the phenomenon. We please remember a principle: that is, the pole on the gasket do not easily remove, will affect the motor performance and operating status, the sound on the following problems: open the motor control system power access oscilloscope to see the waveform is not missing Wave head, phase loss can produce vibration and noise, followed by compensation coil and the armature lead wire is not reversed. Re-check, and then try it is not the words should be too strong magnetic circuit, electromagnetic noise, you can drive to the rated speed, to see if there is a certain range, and then cut off the power (armature and excitation at the same time cut off) In the process of deceleration whether there is, if not that can be determined to be electromagnetic noise, and if there should be no mechanical aspects of the problem.

So, when we use the AC/DC Motor for Circuit Breaker in the future, to ensure that each use is in the correct operation, usually we can not forget the maintenance of it, which is to prevent or reduce the problem of a good way.

In a simple familiar with the AC/DC Motor for Circuit Breaker, and we are here to learn about the start of the AC/DC Motor for Circuit Breaker, do not know if you will not be interested in it? We wholeheartedly to provide you with the best quality service, take a look at it

As the motor armature circuit resistance and inductance are small, and the rotating body has a certain mechanical inertia, so when the motor is connected to power, the start of the armature speed and the corresponding back electromotive force is very small, starting current is very large. Up to 15 to 20 times the rated current. This current will disturb the grid, the unit is subject to mechanical shock, commutator sparks. So the direct closing start is only applicable to the power of not more than 4 kilowatts of the motor.

In order to limit the starting current, often in the armature circuit into a specially designed variable resistor. In the process of starting with the continuous increase in speed in time to step by step to shorten the blocking resistor, so that the starting current is limited to a certain allowable value. This starting method known as the series resistance starting, very simple, light equipment, widely used in a variety of small and medium-sized AC/DC Motor for Circuit Breaker. But because of the energy consumption during the start-up process, not suitable for frequent start of the motor and medium and large AC/DC Motor for Circuit Breaker. However, for some special needs, such as urban trams often start, in order to simplify the equipment, reduce weight and ease of operation and maintenance, usually using string resistance starting method.