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Electric Protection Type Circuit Breaker

Mar 24, 2017

▲ Circuit breaker should be installed vertically, and should be checked before installing circuit breaker nameplate on whether the technical parameters meet the application requirements.

▲ Power before manually operated circuit breaker, its mechanism should be flexible and reliable, no blocking.

▲ Press the closing button (black), the circuit is in the on State press the disconnect button (red), the circuit is in a disconnected state.

▲ During use, the circuit breaker should be checked on a regular basis (usually one month), namely breaker powered state, struck with test button (test button with the symbol "Test"), disconnect circuit breakers should be reliable.

▲ When the breaker because of circuit overload, short circuit and disconnect should trouble breaker again after closing.

▲ The circuit breaker for the non-maintenance, it does not work properly when the breaker fails, users not allowed to open the circuit breaker for maintenance.

▲ Using the current adjustment knob, subject to track current control to the appropriate position, do not overload.