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How To Prevent Permanent Magnet DC Deceleration Motor Noise

Jul 24, 2017

Long-term use of permanent magnet DC gearmotors sometimes show noise, which seriously affected the normal use of the motor, showing this situation how should we prevent it? Next small series for you to introduce it!

1. If the device is not properly operated, it will damage the transmission parts, resulting in the system movement is not accurate or movement instability; high-speed moving parts due to damage caused by oil film vibration; artificial formation of moving parts are uneven and so will produce vibration and noise, Should pay attention to and prevent the above situation, can not repair the damaged parts should be changed to ensure that the system to achieve a stable noise level.

2. The device should try to prevent the fuselage and the foundation support and the connection between the joint resonance, and use high toughness of the base material to reduce the noise and vibration of the attack.

3. From the design structure to start, try to ensure that the convergence of the stability of the agencies, and the use of a variety of ways to reduce the noise to attack.

4. Improve the Permanent Magnet DC Deceleration Motor installation process, increase tooling, to ensure the overall quality of the assembly staff, which can effectively prevent the motor in the process of running noise.

The above is to prevent Permanent Magnet DC Deceleration Motor noise show several ways, we understand the above content, after this situation can be casually dealt with, on the above knowledge we simply introduced to this.