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How To Solve The Pumping Phenomenon Of Permanent Magnet DC Deceleration Motor

Oct 27, 2017

For Permanent Magnet DC Deceleration Motor knowledge of how much of it, in its use of the time for its pumping phenomenon should be understood, the following for everyone to explain how to solve the DC gear motor pumping phenomenon:

1, for the higher Permanent Magnet DC Deceleration Motor can not be straight in the atmosphere, such as the front of the atmosphere will constitute Permanent Magnet DC Deceleration Motor suction and exhaust pressure difference is too large, so that overload, to ensure that can reach High vacuum It is necessary to ensure that the permanent magnet DC gear motor rotates between the rotor.

2, the use of the need to have a pre-class pump, with the former pump to the system within a certain range of pressure to a certain extent when the Permanent Magnet DC Deceleration Motor, so you can avoid Permanent Magnet DC Deceleration Motor overload phenomenon, You can use water ring vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump, slide valve vacuum pump, reciprocating vacuum pump can be directly in the atmosphere of the vacuum pump.

3, because of its rotor constantly turning, the suction gas from the inlet into the rotor and the pump shell between the space, and then discharged through the exhaust, because the inspiratory space is fully closed, so, in the The gas in the pump chamber is not tightened and swollen, but when the rotor top turns through the edge of the exhaust port and the space is connected to the exhaust side, a part of the gas is returned to the space due to the higher gas pressure on the exhaust side Gas pressure suddenly increased. When the rotor continues to change, the gas is discharged outside the pump.

For the Permanent Magnet DC Deceleration Motor after the understanding of the phenomenon, in the future use will believe that we will provide greater help for the above knowledge for everyone to introduce this.