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Permanent Magnet DC Deceleration Motor Three Kinds Of Sound Failure Situation

Sep 26, 2017

Not only in the use of Permanent Magnet DC Deceleration Motor, we use a lot of other products will be more or less when the noise of the attack, can not say that this is really a problem that makes us annoying, but sometimes some helpless , So how to choose?

1, electromagnetic noise

The magnetic field interaction in the air gap of the Permanent Magnet DC Deceleration Motor produces a radial force that changes with time and space, so that the stator core and the frame are periodically deformed with time, that is, the stator vibrates; the electromagnetic noise is mainly due to the vibration of the stator Air pulsation caused airborne noise.

2, mechanical noise

Permanent Magnet DC Deceleration Motor Rotor mechanical imbalance caused by centrifugal force generated by the mechanical vibration and noise, bearing vibration noise, brush and the collector ring or commutator sliding contact noise, by the bearing vibration to stimulate the end of the axial vibration noise.

3, ventilation noise

Fan or other venting elements and air swirl noise formed by rotation of the rotor, fan rotation A single frequency noise generated by periodic airflow or gas impingement of the cooling air, vibration of the thin-walled parts in the airway, or unreasonable wind design The

Because the sound is related to the frequency, so Permanent Magnet DC Deceleration Motor generated by different problems can be said that the sound is not the same, after we carefully identified, I believe we will be better in the back according to the symptoms to solve the problem.