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The Main Difference Between AC/DC Motor For Circuit Breaker And AC Circuit Breaker

Jun 08, 2017

Breaker AC/DC Motor for Circuit Breaker: refers to the use of DC system for the transformation of the system or the removal of the circuit breaker. Used to DC power distribution system and electrical stop overload, short circuit maintenance purposes, can be widely used in electricity, telecommunications, transportation, industrial and mining enterprises and other industries.

AC/DC Motor for Circuit Breaker operating principle: the circuit breaker main circuit includes a support for the lower part of the contact ring, an upper convergence row and the appearance of silver-plated contacts, closing installation by a large coil with a coil constitute. The magnet contains a dynamic core, a contact pressure spring and a core reset spring; all of these components are mounted on the operating rod. The fork unit is at the top of the operating lever. The overtravel trip consists of an armature consisting of a laminated sheet, a magnetic core attached to the operating lever held by the spring, since the trip to the rod can set the trip setting. Five pairs of auxiliary contacts are driven by the contact for the contact. They are located in the plastic box that closes the lower part of the installation. The arc chamber consists of a corner plate, a partition plate and a deionization board, all of which are arranged between two arc extinguishing plates. When the circuit breaker due to overcurrent or normal sub-gate and sub-gate, then the driving mechanism will drive the moving contact opening. The pusher mechanism is probing in five commutation assists

AC/DC Motor for Circuit Breaker two categories:

1. Two-stage DC circuit breaker. Two-stage AC/DC Motor for Circuit Breaker in the short-circuit current is lower-level switch extra current 8 to 10 times the scale, 4 to 5 level difference under the joint operation, accurate initiatives, joint venture superior.

2. Three-stage DC circuit breaker. Three-stage AC/DC Motor for Circuit Breaker, the lower three-stage, the lower level for the two-stage or three-stage DC circuit breaker, the level difference of 2, in the short-circuit current for the lower circuit breaker extra current 25 to 40 times the scale are accurate Move.

AC/DC Motor for Circuit Breaker and AC circuit breaker of the main difference: the difference between the two is to destroy the arc on. As the exchange of each cycle have zero, zero in the zero easily extinguished, and DC switch is not zero, arc quenching can be poor, so to add the rated arc installation. In general, it is DC hard arc, and the exchange of zero, arc easily.