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The Structure Composition Of The Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor

Nov 15, 2017

Permanent magnet brushless DC motor is composed of motor main body and driver, and is a typical mechanotronics product. In the stator winding of the motor, three-phase symmetrical Y connection is adopted, so it is similar to the asynchronous motor. In addition, the motor has a position sensor to detect the polarity of the rotor. The driver is made up of power electronic device and integrated circuits, and the main functions are:

1.The start, stop and braking signal of the motor are received, so as to control the start, stop and braking of the motor well.

2.The signal from the position sensor and the positive inversion signal are received in order to control the on-off of each power pipe of the inverter bridge, so that the continuous torque can be generated.

3.Receive the speed feedback signal and speed instruction, and at the same time, adjust and control the speed.

4.Provide some necessary protection and display, etc.