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The Working Principle Of Two Different Permanent Magnet DC Deceleration Motors

Sep 26, 2017

Now the Permanent Magnet DC Deceleration Motor is divided into permanent magnet brushless DC motor and permanent magnet brush DC motor, then the two Permanent Magnet DC Deceleration Motor working principle and the basic structure are what, there are areas of outstanding advantages, according to their own What are the characteristics of the plant equipment, which kind of current machine which product? The following one for your analysis:

Permanent Magnet DC Deceleration Motor, along with the rapid development of electronic control technology and permanent magnet material technology, permanent magnet brushless DC motor gradually mature. Because it is used as a driving motor in electric vehicles, it can better meet the performance requirements of electric vehicles, the price advantage is obvious, so soon became the ideal electric vehicle drive motor.

In the traditional DC motor developed on the basis of permanent magnet brushless DC motor, the structure of the two are basically the same, the difference is the permanent magnet brushless DC motor armature winding placed on the stator, which is similar to the AC motor winding , While the general use of multi-phase form, which is currently the most three-phase application; the rotor for the permanent magnet, and the use of electronic commutation, stator magnetic field and the rotor magnetic field interaction between the electromagnetic torque.

According to the shape of the permanent magnet and the structure of the magnetic circuit, the air gap magnetic field waveform has square wave, trapezoidal wave, sine wave three, the back EMF waveform corresponding to the same. Usually, the back EMF is a sine wave motor called permanent magnet synchronous motor.

Brushless DC motor composition It consists of three parts. The structure of the rotor is salient and embedded in two, and made of permanent magnet material. The armature on the stator is opposite to the permanent magnet brushless DC motor, so it has a rotating magnetic field and a fixed armature.

Permanent Magnet DC Deceleration Motor works Brush motor stator is equipped with a fixed main pole and brush, the rotor is equipped with armature windings and commutator. DC power supply through the brush and commutator into the armature winding, resulting in armature current, the armature current generated by the magnetic field and the main magnetic field interaction to produce electromagnetic torque, the motor rotation to drive the load. Due to the presence of brushes and commutators, the structure of the brush motor is complex, the reliability is poor, the fault is large, the maintenance workload is large, the life is short, and the spark is easy to produce electromagnetic interference.

In the fixed part of the brush DC motor has a magnet, here called the main pole; fixed part of the brush. The rotating part has a ring core and a winding wound around the toroidal core.

As the brush motor in the design of the improvement, no gear reduction, can achieve low noise, low cost. At present, many low-cost electric bicycles widely used in this motor. But the motor torque is small, load load is small, poor climbing ability, the use of more power consumption, still use the mechanical brush changer, the motor life problem has not yet been resolved, so the high-end electric bicycles are not used This kind of motor.

The working principle and structure of the two types of motors are as described above, and the working principle of the two types of motors can be applied to the use of electric bicycles, but the performance will be different, the customers in the choice of products , Can be based on the performance of two types of current machine in the two types of motors to choose the appropriate motor itself to play the appropriate role.