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Working Conditions Of DC Motor For Circuit Breaker

Jun 08, 2017

Circuit Breakers DC motors include neutral busbar breakers (NBS), neutral bus earth breakers (NBGS), metal circuit switched circuit breakers (MRTB), earth circuit switched circuit breakers (ERTB).

AC/DC Motor for Circuit Breaker with super-class current limiting performance, can accurately protect the relay protection, automatic devices from overload, short circuit and other hazards. AC/DC Motor for Circuit Breaker with the current limit, arc suppression capability advantage, after a large number of comprehensive scientific test, can achieve 3000Ah the following DC system in the main (sub) screen, protective screen, relay screen between the full selectivity protection.

AC/DC Motor for Circuit Breaker with a special arc, the current limiting system, can quickly break off the DC power distribution system fault current, so that the level difference with a lot of improvement. AC/DC Motor for Circuit Breaker Especially for power engineering DC system in the test screen and the separation screen between the jumping and other accidents, the series has excellent performance, to avoid the above failure. AC/DC Motor for Circuit Breaker products with the characteristics of the same level of similar products at home and abroad the best.

Working conditions

1, the installation site altitude does not exceed 2000m;

2, the ambient air temperature is not higher than +40 ℃ not less than -5 ℃; and the 24-hour average does not exceed +35 ℃ (except for special orders)

3, the installation of the air relative humidity. The maximum temperature of + 40 ℃ does not exceed 50 [%], at a lower temperature can allow a higher relative humidity, for example, 20 ° C up to 90 [%]. Special measures should be taken for the occasional condensation of dry temperature changes.

4, in the air without explosion of dangerous media and no enough to corrode the metal and damage the insulation of the gas and conductive dust place.

5, no rain and snow invasion of the place.

6, pollution level is 3.

7, the installation category: circuit breaker main circuit installation category is Ⅲ, not connected to the main circuit of the auxiliary circuit and control circuit installation category for the Ⅱ